David Bowie - Life on Mars? Performed by Rongedal

Video of the recording of David Bowie´s Life on Mars? with Rongedal.
Session at Atlantis Studio, engineered by Janne Hansson. Arrangement by Patrik Boman.
Thanks to Scalateatern and Joakim Jankert at Kimma Audiovisuell Produktion for video recordings. Vocalists Henrik and Magnus Rongedal.
Musicians: Drums Mikael Nilsson, Upright Bass Patrik Boman, Grand Piano Franz Bengtsson, Mandolin Lennart Westberg, Bass Clarinet Viktor Sand, Trumpet Jonne Bentlöv, Violin Andreas Forsman, Violin Tone Snildal, Viola Thomas Ringqvist, Cello Petja Svensson.

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